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God Is Love by Pastor Steve

Every day, I receive daily devotionals, reading, music, and writings from people all around the world. Sometimes I allow these gifts and blessings to become my devotional time. I admit, sometimes, I move on from these in-box blessings into other things before I even place myself in the presence of the Almighty God and speak just to Him.

It isn’t long after I move on I realize I missed that time in my morning routine and stop. I first ask for forgiveness and then I just sit in God’s mighty presence and listen. Sometimes He waits for all the other noise in my head to calm down and stop before He speaks. But He speaks. He ALWAYS speaks.

I have followed a Christian music artist, Dave Pettigrew for a while and like what he writes and sings. He also has a daily devotional. I wanted to share it with you, today. There are two things I want you to notice in his story.

First, the waitress is a great example of the disciple God is calling you and me to be. She made contact with her smile and her kind words. She simple spoke love to Dave.

Second, there is a “however.” She only spoke love. You can see this as anything. The universe. Spiritualism. “Can’t we all just get along.” She didn’t even speak of a “higher power.”

Dave did ask her to explain further, “what do you mean.” However, she stayed in the general terms and general statement of love. That is your open door, the perfect opportunity to share the Gospel Message. To share where love was created.

Please read Dave’s devotional words and I challenge you to hear the inferred Gospel message, but I strongly challenge you to step out of your comfort zone TODAY and speak the message to someone. Invite them into the loving relationship with Jesus the Christ.

“Love is Here” by David Pettigrew

“It's cold this morning. I can feel the frost on the handle of the car as I pull it to open the door. I sit behind the wheel and my breath clouds my vision as I exhale. This journey, this trip, will be unlike any other. The road ahead is long, I know that, but I'm ready to take it. I turn the engine over and shift the car into drive. I hear the crackle of the sand under the tires as I pull onto the highway.

“I head towards a nearby diner. Coffee. Breakfast. The little things make the big things easier. The waitress who serves me is helpful. A warm, welcoming smile greets me as I sit down. She walks over and takes my order. I hear the clank of silverware, the low rumble of conversation in other booths. Other lives working through the problems of life, the joys of life. My mind wanders as I gaze out the window. I finish my meal and I turn towards the waitress as she brings the check, ‘Long day ahead of you?’ she asks. I say yeah and she cracks that smile again. ‘Don't worry, each one of us is on our own journey, just be thankful that we're not alone.’ I ask what she means. ‘We're all in this together, there's nothing that will happen to you today that hasn't happened to someone before.’ Diner waitress wisdom. I smile and nod my head. She continues, ‘There's a love that holds it all together, we all have access to it, just some of us don't want to let it in.’ She's right, I know that for sure. I thank her again for the meal, tip her well and head out the door. As I leave, she calls to me and says, ‘Hey, don't forget, the love, that love I was talking about, that love is here.’ She waves her arm around in a circle over her head, ‘it's all around us.’ I smile, thank her again and walk out the door shaking my head. What does she mean?

“I get back in the car and pull out of the driveway, a car races by me in the left lane...I follow slowly behind. Here we go.”

David is right, there is a love that holds it all together. We ALL have access to that love. That love is Jesus the Christ. Go and share that love with all the world.

God bless,

Pastor Steve

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